Fed’s Williams overlooks U.S. inflation citing undervalued hiring scale


    TUESDAY: According to San Francisco Federal Reserve President, John Williams, U.S. inflation is gaining a stronger momentum alongside labor market.

    “We’ve dipped just below 5% to 4.9%, and I expect the unemployment rate to continue to edge down, reaching the mid-4s by late this year. While part-time employment for economic reasons looks like it’s still somewhat elevated relative to historical norms, the labor-force participation rate now appears to be consistent with its longer-term trend—or what we might more simply call ‘normal.’” – Williams (exclusive speech from Singapore)

    The president cited concerns over workers who are being under-employed alongside soft labor-force participation rate. In his speech, he gave profound apprehension to hiking job vacancies since data collection began in year 2000. He said many employees were into leaving their jobs.

    An insight into his last press interview, he had not marked solidarity with the decision laid by Fed for a rate hike in March. This might be a reason because Fed uncorked higher rates for the first in nearly a decade during last year in December.

    Not to mention, William is one of several Fed members to hit the speaking circuit in recent days, including Chairwoman Janet Yellen, who takes the microphone in New York later today. Certainly he does not hold a vote on the Fed’s rate-setting policy panel this year.

    Regarding inflation, he said that a strong dollar and low oil prices could continue to correct:

    “Many people think that Fed policymakers’ concern lies disproportionately with inflation that is too high. They think we view inflation lower than 2% as sort of not great, but see inflation above 2% as catastrophic. That’s not the case. In my view, inflation somewhat above 2% is just as bad as the same amount below. In all, the recent data reinforce my expectation that inflation is on track to move back to 2% over the next two years.”

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