Facebook Experimenting to Continue Flourishing

Facebook Experimenting to Continue Flourishing


The CEO is confident that products will prove to be right step for the company at the end of the day. The Chief Finance Officer comforted the distress aroused by concerns upon the cost in next year and quarterly earning issues to overcome scandals and privacy breaches in future.

With presence of slight discomfort, Investors in the market are still responding to it, as to the closing price of $146.22 rise of 3.5 percent has been observed in pre-market trading. Facebook in advance for the Q3 and Q4, indicated towards losing the pace of growth rate and sinking shares.

In a conference call with analysts, the CEO also cautioned that new products may lead to slow growth by diverting the user attention from money making ads, photos and comments. For investment viewpoint, he is counting the next year of significant nature for the company.

In U.S. and European region, Facebook is facing dilemma of reaching highest score for its growth rate as ads markets in other parts of the World with Facebook user are comparatively low earning regions. This scenario left no other option for company but to spend a lot on experiment, which the company is now doing.

Now Facebook’s outlook in coming years depend upon its capability to create trend of posting ads in massaging services and embedded spots for marketing in its video sharing product “stories” on Instagram. Facebook in its Q3 results beat Wall Street Projection with wide margin, with per share profit of $1.76 and rise of 33 percent in revenue. Monthly active users rise by 10 percent from year ago totaling 2.27 billion. Facebook’s business can still carry on flourishing, some analysts still think so.

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