Ex CEO still intending to take Qualcomm private

Ex CEO still intending to take Qualcomm private


Taking the Qualcomm as private company are still the intentions of its former Chairman.

Sticking to his previous viewpoint, Paul Jacobs, who remained the Qualcomm’s CEO till 2014 and chairman till March 2018, on last Wednesday while speaking in Bloomberg conference, has again expressed the possibility of leveraged buyout of the chip giant.

Jacob previously on many occasions has discussed the prospect. And that has also resulted to his removal from Qualcomm’s board as chairman in March 2018, when he disclosed about company’s efforts to looking at the option of taking it private. Shortly after an anticipated takeover by Broadcom, which was blocked by the U.S. President, talks with sovereign wealth funds and strategic investors were held by Jacobs. Focusing on 5G wireless technology, company called Xcom was launched by Jacobs after being removed from the board of Qualcomm.

Jacobs, at Bloomberg conference, not only illustrated his readiness for taking any possibly arisen opportunity of taking over Qualcomm as private, but also draw the attentions towards the damaging value of Qualcomm due to lack of innovation and legal issues.

Starting in 2017, Qualcomm has been locked in side by side legal battle with Apple. With blame of stealing secrets to help Intel, Qualcomm has filed a case against the Apple and to the contrary Apple for allegedly charging unfair on royalties on its technology, has sued the Qualcomm for $1 billion in the United States.

However CEO of Qualcomm has stated the dispute with Apple to be resolved sooner, whereas to the other end Apple has not been intending to set off the dispute with Qualcomm as per last month’s story of Reuters on November 7.

Through its venture arm, Qualcomm Ventures, at least $100 million is the amount which Qualcomm will be investing in 5G technologies and Artificial Intelligence. Cruise Automation and few startups of computer vision, machine learning and IoT was the segments, Qualcomm has made investments in past.

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