ESPN launches SportsCenter show to Snapchat in a bid to attract younger...

ESPN launches SportsCenter show to Snapchat in a bid to attract younger viewers.


The popular U.S sports channel ESPN has just launched its SportsCenter program for the first time on social media app Snapchat. The channel made this announcement earlier on Monday, with the company looking to provide some their sports highlight and commentary into a short form series.

This news has further strengthened the bond between ESPN’s parent company Walt Disney and Snap Inc., the founders of Snapchat. The sports network had been in contact with Snapchat for two years now, with the network aiming to reach a younger audience with the help of the social media app. Snapchat on its own end has been looking to add more contents to their app in a bid to grow their user base, with the older generation now a target.

The partnership between the companies is for an initial two years, with ESPN and Snap sharing the revenue during that period. This was stated by Snap even though they didn’t give further details.

The program Sports Center will be aired twice a day during weekdays on Snapchat while it will just be once a day during the weekends. The show will be handled by six hosts who will be in charge of commentary and analysis, with ESPN anchors Katie Nolan and Elle Duncan, and ESPN Radio host Jason Fitz, amongst the team of commentators.

Sean Mills, Snap’s head of content programming while commenting on the update stated that the program SportsCenter will help snapchat in its bid to have stable daily shows, with other shows from channels, CNN, NBC News, and another entertainment show called “The Rundown” from E! Network already part of their roaster.

Snap also partnered with NBC Universal last month, with the partnership bringing about scripted shows that will be aired on the social media app.

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