eBay launched first of its kind Retail Revival Program in Canada

eBay launched first of its kind Retail Revival Program in Canada


eBay has announced the launching of Retail Revival in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

eBay in collaboration with the Halifax Regional  Municipality will be running the program that  is designed to help small and medium-sized retailers to be able to get the benefits of ecommerce and global trade.

The Retail Revival program of eBay has been backed by all three levels of Canadian government and is first of its kind in the country.

The 12-month free of cost training, support and educational program will equip the small and medium-sized retailers to succeed in local markets with an extra edge of reaching out new customers internationally through eBay’s global marketplace.

A dedicated support team of customer services, eBay’s promotional marketing, digital tools and subscriptions, along with small business and export-focused resources and additional education opportunities from contributing partners will also be included in the program.

Halifax holds a diversified and strong business community that have a large potential of exports from its local retail sector with a growth opportunity for ecommerce activities and the region itself is not only committed to small businesses but is also visionary for overall growth of local economy and these attributes led its selection by eBay for the program.

The cross-border ecommerce continue to be increasing and it is expected that by 2022 that will be making 20 percent of the global ecommerce business in this scenario Export Development Canada also observed that in uncertain economic conditions as well as in season based economies, the companies involved in the exports have been comparatively growing at faster rate while making more profits and doing better business.

In 190 markets across the world, 177 million active users have access to retailers of all shapes and sizes at the eBay’s platform. And in the country like Canada where small and medium-sized businesses make up 99 per cent of Canadian businesses only 12 percent of traditional small businesses are exporting to other countries which create a wider gap to be filled and also highlight a wider opportunity for ecommerce growth in the region.

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