Dr. Dave Hepburn Attains Success Through Speaking Tour

Dr. Dave Hepburn Attains Success Through Speaking Tour


For those unfamiliar with him, Dr. Dave Hepburn is a very successful man as he is diversified in many different fields of study. He is recognized as an author and a retired medical doctor. He specializes in cannabis. He also is highlighted in the Guinness world book of records as the highest scoring defenseman in hockey. In addition, he is an eminent medutainer and a columnist. Talk about an extensive resume.

He is definitely a man that keeps busy and he will continue to do so by going on a speaking tour, where he will be discussing some of his well acclaimed and noteworthy topics.  The topics are very informative and compelling that include “The Science of Youthful Aging”, “Medical Cannabis: Hits and Myths”, “Stress for Success”, and the list goes on.

Dr. Hepburn has definitely made his way around the TV world as he has been a co-host on the Oprah Winfrey show and he also hosted the Canadian national radio program Wisequacks. Focusing back on the speaking tour, the topics that will be centered on science and health with touch base with medical cannabis and the Canadian Brain Tumour Foundation. Dr. Hepburn strongly believes that taking care of your health is super important. It is important to learn about the medical world.

Dr. Hepburn knows how important health is and how the body functions, as he was a Canadian naval surgeon in the Persian Gulf War in 1991. He has an extensive history with understanding medical treatment. In addition, he is familiar with sports medicine as he was a doctor in the 1996 Olympics Games in Atlanta. Dr. Hepburn clearly has a vast knowledge about the world in many different fields, which makes him a very intelligent and successful man.

When Dr. Hepburn talks his language is very philosophical and meaningful. When he introduced about his speaking tour he states, “Knowledge is power and never is that more applicable than in taking care of your own health. You, not your doctors are responsible for your health, so the more you can learn how this rapidly changing medical world pertains to you, the more apt you are to enjoy rather than endure getting older, the more able you are to enjoy optimal health span along with lifespan. By separating out the hits and myths in our talks, we are able to do that in an upbeat medutaining manner.” This is very inspirational and maintains a lot of truth to it. There’s no doubt why he was invited on the speaking tour.

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