Domino’s Pizza and Ford join forces to distribute food at home using...

Domino’s Pizza and Ford join forces to distribute food at home using driverless vehicles


Domino’s Pizza has signed an agreement with Ford Motor Company to launch a pilot project that will allow them to test the possibilities of autonomous vehicles in the delivery of pizzas.

To do this, Ford and Domino’s have adapted one of the vehicles with autonomous technology to which they have incorporated a compartment conditioned in one of the passenger windows to load the pizzas. There, the product keeps the heat, while it is locked until it reaches the destination and the customer opens it through a code sent by the restaurant.

In this way, the customer can order Domino’s, a manager will place the pizza in the vehicle and the car will follow a route to find the customer’s house. This will be able to track the car through the company’s application, receive text messages as the order approaches, and so you can pick it up at the time the vehicle is at your door.

At the moment the system will only be in testing in Ann Arbor (Michigan, United States) where some randomly selected customers will receive their home order in a Ford Fusion. During the tests, the car will be driven manually by a Ford safety engineer accompanied by investigators, the company explained.

Ford explains that this type of initiative is important so that both companies can begin to examine and understand the perspectives of

The users around the future of the distribution of food with autonomous vehicles.

Domino’s innovations

The truth is that this type of innovations in the delivery of pizzas at home is not the first time Domino’s. In the last years the North American company has presented different initiatives to improve the experience of bringing food to the homes of its clients.

In particular, Domino’s Pizzas has tested in Australia the delivery of pizzas and drinks with an autonomous robot in Queensland, as well as the use of drones in New Zealand. It also improved its fleet of vehicles in the United States to bring more pizzas and in better conditions in its distribution.

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