Domino’s new giveaway to expand pizza business and for customer base

Domino’s new giveaway to expand pizza business and for customer base


Domino’s Pizza, Inc is eyeing to expand the pizza industry as well as aiming to create its own customer base utilizing a new high-tech promotional program called Points for Pies, told CEO Ritch Allison to CNBC on Wednesday.

The campaign will be running on Domino’s machine-learning technology; those customers who will send a picture of a pizza will be getting 10 rewards points for each picture they send. The pizza captured in the picture should not necessarily to be of Domino’s and customers can submit one picture in week. Customers will get a free pizza from Domino’s once they secured the 60 rewards points.

About the number of customers who will be participating in the campaign, we cannot say anything at the moment, but through this campaign, arise will be the opportunity to grow our pizza business as well as to attract more of the new customers to use our apps and try our products, said Allison.

The company will also get the opportunity to bring the customers back again and again, when they once came to try the company’s product. Domino’s use of technology is not for the first time as last summer, through a hotspot initiative, it served the customer at non-traditional places like the beach or the park who ordered the pizza through Domino’s app. And Domino’s current campaign will not only add a value to that mix by offering an appealing offer but will also show-off its AI products, the CEO said.

Allison said that Domino’s team has created a program called “The Piedentifier”, which is the basic part of the new campaign through which it will be getting the images of anything, that look like a pizza, expressing crust, sauce and cheese. And the customers, who will send the Domino’s such images, will be getting 10 rewards points.

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