Disney+ will be tested in Netherlands before its US launch

Disney+ will be tested in Netherlands before its US launch


Disney is probably being intending to conduct trials of its planned streaming OTT service Disney + in the Netherlands, according to a report in The Information.

Disney is reportedly in plans of having scheduling the April 11 as date of announcement of its new Disney+ streaming services.

The test in Netherlands will allow the Disney to timely and in better way to overcome any kinks in the service prior to launch the new streaming service in the United States as the service has to go through an intense scrutiny from the audience there.

In 2015, Disney had to face technical glitches in UK at the time launching of its streaming service DisneyLife which badly affected the new launch, and the report suggest that Disney has learned the lesson from that afflicting incident and that is the reason to launch Disney+ initially in the Netherlands before launching it in a ny major country with far much audience.

With its high broadband coverage area and large number of consumers desirous to take on SVOD services like Netflix and Videoland, Netherlands will be a better testing market for Disney, which will be taking place before the service launch in the United States.

Disney, to provide earlier reach to the new service, is also considering an option to partner with online and cable distributors, according to the report.

Disney+ will be featuring original contents prepared by all its content divisions along with of from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic and Star Wars.

Disney+ will expected to be surpassing the number of Netflix’s subscription of 139 million by eventually drawing 160 million subscribers worldwide, J.P. Morgan told clients.

While there is less focus upon the fact that today there are more number of direct-to-consumer services than the service that will be succeeded to survive in the future, but undoubtedly Disney+ will remain among the survivors, analyst Alexia Quadrani writes.

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