CEO of Apple Tim Cook Claims They Are Maintaining Progress

CEO of Apple Tim Cook Claims They Are Maintaining Progress


Apple has continuously been a successful and reputable Smartphone company in the market. But of course when you have a business you want to see your company grow and make improvements in weaker areas. According to the CEO of Apple Tim Cook claims that after reviewing the data from sales over the past three quarters, Apple is inevitably maintaining its growth, which is great news. When looking at the results from the sales of the Iphone 7 and 7 Plus you can’t complain with the results. Overall everything has been very optimistic. Tim Cook has the goal to continue to return to growth this upcoming quarter.

In terms of sales in the first quarter the aim for the company is to maintain an income of $76 billion to $78 billion. Apple wants to be the odds and predictions of what others are claiming the company will produce. Tim Cook wants to always aim higher. Success has not always been on Apple’s side. Apple unfortunately experienced depletion in China with their Iphone supply. But in order to succeed you always have to look past the negatives and look toward striding forward. Reports are that the company is looking to make improvements through its elevating software.

The upgrades with the Iphone 7 have without a doubt been a positive for the company. Apple continues to investigate where sales have been decreasing over the years, but are using this as a way to improve sales. Executives are unsure what sales will exactly be for the future quarter but hope to maintain success.

In terms of services and maintaining growth Apple has been focusing on Siri and its apple watch. Specifically looking to make them both smarter. They have been doing this by investing its money through research, which is an inquisitive solution. With this move it has actually been a step in the right direction with having its services revenue grow 24 percent to an ultimate chart topping record of $6.3 billion.

Apple unavoidably also gains its success with sales through the App Store. Many users are continuously downloading apps such as Pokémon Go, which has been an absolute popular and addicting game. The app store has gained growth of 19 percent. Apple has been able to achieve such success through the app store by incorporating a new revenue sharing model, a coding environment that is easier to pick up, and swift playgrounds. This has evidently secured more developers to the App Store. Apple goes outside the box to maintain its growth and success.

The growth rate that Apple is maintaining is definitely positive and forthcoming. The society in which Apple is within is continuously thriving. Where China has been a problem for Apple as it’s competitor and where sales have not been on top. Despite this, Apple hasn’t given up and continues to strive to maintain ground in China. Apple believes that in order to achieve success in China they have to learn about the Chinese Market. This past May, Apple spent $1 billion in Chinese ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing. Clearly Apple won’t give up without putting up a fight. They will do whatever it takes to maintain success with China, which shows determination and why Apple is such a successful company. Tim Cook claims that the company is confidentially investing in the future.

As with Tim Cook’s success here are some facts about him that represents his authority and hard work as a businessman provided by Celebrity Fun Facts. Tim originates from a modest foundation. His dad was a shipyard laborer and his mom remained at home and dealt with him and his other two siblings. He was conceived in the residential community, Robertsdale situated in Alabama. In 1996, Cook was misdiagnosed with different sclerosis. This enlightening background asked Cook to deal with himself and his wellbeing. He appreciates cycling and climbing, and keeps a firm exercise center schedule. Despite the fact that he invests the majority of his energy working, he makes a point to set aside out time for himself. In 1998, when Cook was reached by an office in regards to a position with Apple, Cook rejected their telephone calls. After only five minutes of meeting with Steve Jobs, the past Apple CEO, Cook altered his opinion promptly and left his other occupation.

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