Carmakers are in quest of electric vehicles sounds

Carmakers are in quest of electric vehicles sounds


Carmakers are coming up with innovative ideas for the sound of their electric car engines to make the pedestrian able to know about the approaching electric vehicles that have no audible parts like noisy combustion engines, senior executives at the Geneva car show said.

Mercedes-Benz, Mini, BMW and Volkswagen are setting to launch their electric vehicles and are in quest of new ways to market the strength of their zero-emissions vehicles.

Sound will be the identity of electric vehicle, so it should not be irritating or disturbing, but to be futuristic and not to be similar with any other sound related to the auto industry and also we should not have to put the combustion engine sound to the electric vehicles, Frank Welsch, Volkswagen’s representative responsible for technical development, told Reuters.

In order to draw the attention of pedestrians towards the vehicle, electric cars of Volkwagen will be designed to have speakers in them, Welsch said.

Performance models of electric cars are required to have more high bass assertive sound, as these models like SUV for their bigger size needs to reflected in their sounds that could not be a high pitched sound like a sewing machine, he said.

VW is still altering sounds for its derivative like dune buggy but has picked the tone for its Volkswagen ID compact vehicle.

German Mercedes-Benz, for its new EQC mode, has developed an artificial humming sound, which will alert the pedestrians without disturbing passengers.

BMW Group is also in quest of sound for its new electric Mini, according to Esther Bahne, Vice President Strategy and Innovation at BMW’s Mini.

Sound is definitely a way to characterize the electric car’s identity, Bahne said.

Seeking a potential artificial sound for its electric cars, AMG has been working with American rock band Linkin Park, said Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG.

Sound is definitely a way to characterize the electric car’s identity, Bahne said.

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