Campbell Soup to create BPA-free cans next year


    Campbell Soup Co. said in a statement it will stop using chemical *Bisphenol A (BPA) to manufacture its cans by the year 2017. Last year it also claimed to be eliminating all artificial coloring and flavors from its North American portfolio by the end of fiscal 2018.

    (*A chemical found in polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins – can bleed into food and drinks alongside having a linkage with health issues. Often it’s used to stiffen plastic but it causes diabetes, breast and prostate cancer, as per some studies. Many researchers say it raises the risk of brain damage and hormonal problems too. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration maintains that BPA is safe at the current levels used in food – a metal can coating that prevents food particles and metal surface to come in contact)

    “The products packaged in non-BPA lined cans will include all varieties of Campbell’s soups and gravies, Swanson broth and SpaghettiOs pasta.” – Campbell

    The move toward BPA-free cans began as early as in year 2012 due to feedback received by the consumers. By December, the company plans to targets approx. 75% of its soup portfolio within non-BPA lines cans.

    “Our priority throughout this transition has been, and will continue to be, food safety. We have tested and conducted trials with hundreds of alternatives to BPA lining and believe the acrylic and polyester options will ensure our food remains safe, affordable and tastes great.” – Campbell’s senior program manager of packaging, Mike Mulshine

    INSIGHT: The company began to use cans with linings of polyester/acrylic in March aside to a continuation of introducing new linings across Canada and U.S. through year 2017. In 2015, BPA was included in a list of harmful chemicals in California. Moreover, the containers have been instructed to carry an instruction label outside in case they contain any of the listed chemicals.

    UPDATE: Apart from all this, while using the chemical for 40 years, Campbell still believes that BPA is among the world’s safest packaging options.

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