Bill Gates regrets a decision from Microsoft

Bill Gates regrets a decision from Microsoft


If Bill Gates, one of the richest people on Earth, could change a thing in his life, what would it be? It should not be a big surprise that the biggest regret of the Microsoft founder has something to do with computers. More specifically, it is a key combination.

“Ctrl + Alt + Delete” – which is the combination of “Ctrl + Alt + Del” on the German keyboard – was once the most important key combination of computers and caused a reboot of the operating system. Nowadays, this key combination maintains a rather unworthy existence and leads to the task manager.

In fact, it is this key combination, which still annoys Gates. During this year’s Bloomberg Global Business Forum, the Microsoft founder spoke on the stage and mentioned that the combination was more misfortune than the intention. “If I could make a little change, I’d make a single button out of it,” he told the audience.

Originally, the combination was not intended for the public, but rather for IBM programmers, who were able to force the reboot of Windows during software development. It only succeeded in the public, as other software producers got wind of it and passed the tip to their customers. From this point onwards, the combination succeeded the crowds.

Nevertheless, the combination is something that has disturbed Gates for many years. As early as 2013, he said, “We could have had a single button. But the one who designed the IBM keyboard did not want to give us a single button. ”

In a separate news for users who insist to stay on Windows 10 Mobile, it’s interesting to know when companies decide to “turn their backs” and abandon that “sinking ship” once and for all.

The most recent is WeChat, the most popular instant messenger in China, the nation with the largest number of people on the planet (that is, it is the most used messenger in the world).

Recent reports show that Windows 10 Mobile users who enjoyed the service now receive an error message when they try to sign in, advising them to migrate to iOS or Android as Windows Phones are no longer supported.

Those who try to create new accounts, for example, are unable to complete the verification process because the verification code never arrives on the device. The company behind the development of the app, Tencent, has already publicly expressed its disappointment with the way Microsoft handles its mobile platform, and reported that it would not make a new application for Windows 10 Mobile.

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