Apple popular in India after China

Apple popular in India after China


In fiscal 2015, the sales of Apple were expected to be around

US$ 230 billion. For that Apple needed to be exposed to as many growth markets as possible. This might be one of the main reasons why Mac manufacturer accelerated its growth towards Indian market.

Not to mention, at that time, it has added two new distribution partners in India — bringing the total to five — with a goal of doubling its retail reach this year. This move should meaningfully increase the amount of shelf space the iPhone enjoys throughout the Indian continent.

“Apple already hired at least one senior executive to focus solely on executing Apple’s growth strategy in India, with more likely to follow.” – Reuters

Further reports by The World Bank have also claimed Apple to be placing job posting for Indian policy advisor that could be beneficial to it for navigating effectively the complexity – bad era beheaded for tech giant.

Here’s how the two countries compare in purchasing power parity terms:


Given India’s low per-capita GDP, though, it should also come as no surprise that most smartphones sold there cost far less than an iPhone.

Smartphone ASPs in India totaled just $135 in 2014 according to research firm IDC – a figure it expects to decline to $102 by 2018.

As such, it should come as no surprise that Apple primarily sells more affordable legacy handsets in India rather than its most current models.

INSIGHT: It is worth mentioning, that Apple offers financing arrangements for the iPhone in India. Apple offers services like Apple Music at a fraction of the cost of its American version (US$ 1.88/mo in India versus US$ 9.99/mo in the USA). Apple also launched its first TV advertising campaign in India recently.

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