Apple nearly doubled the suppliers in its clean energy program

Apple nearly doubled the suppliers in its clean energy program


Apple Inc has increased number of those supplier to nearly double who use only clean energy for their productions work and that also includes two suppliers that assemble and manufacture the iPhone’s processor chips, the company said on Thursday.

Although Apple, in last year, has said that it use renewable energy to meet all of its energy requirements including using solar farms that power data centers, but its supply chain accounts for a major portion of company’s carbon footprints which led the Apple, at least since 2015, to directly worked with those supplier companies to use renewable energy for making products for Apple.

Now 44 companies are part of the clean energy program including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd, supplier of A-series chips used by Apple to power all of its mobile devices, and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, whose Foxconn unit manufactures iPhones for Apple, said the iPhone maker on Thursday. The companies included in the program, were 23 in number, as previously disclosed by the Apple.

Energy produced from the sources like solar, wind or bio-gas fuel cells is defined to be as clean energy by Apple, which also uses low-impact hydroelectric project that makes energy from water, running in the irrigation canals, to power one of its data centers situated at a site in Oregon.

Apple, for new supplier participating in the program, did not specify the details of clean energy sources to meet the energy needs but encouraged them to build their own projects to get renewable energy. Last year, rooftop solar installations were built by Apple’s iPad assembler Compal, on its factories in China for stepping towards and for getting clean energy.

In case of no clean energy options readily available, Apple says it encourages the supplier to go under agreements with new renewable energy projects to purchase clean energy and avoid purchasing renewable energy credits unless the other options are available.

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