Apple boosts its iOS security

Apple boosts its iOS security


After when FBI requested iPhone manufacturer to unlock security code of a device belonging to one of the shooters in a terrorist activity of San Bernardino, Apple had given tweets in refusal, saying that it could not compromise on its customers’ privacy.

Latest press releases have claimed Apple engineers to be putting in every effort to boost security for its iPhone software. A strategy opted by Apple to make sure it’s customers’ data remain secure and unhacked — by government agencies and even by the company itself.

Security features would stymie the workaround requested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as per reports by New York Times.

Certainly, this would give Apple another go to up-carry its customers’ trust in the brand’s name. However, government agencies might face frustration, unable to access data stored on iPhone used by suspected terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook.

Presently, a hole in the iPhone’s troubleshooting system allows the company to update the smartphone’s firmware (the underlying software system) without that passcode. In real terms, Apple would likely need to update its hardware and software. A separate chip on the iPhone – known as the Secure Enclave – is what guards the phone’s unlocking process. The FBI discovered that Apple could make that chip dumb by updating its firmware.

On a similar note, Financial Times has reported, Apple to be working hard in strengthening encryption over its iCloud software system – iPhone backup data storage. An upgrading would result into no access to the backed-data by the authorities alongside an inability to retrieve anything once iCloud password is lost.

Apple might not confirm that it’s working on the above mentioned project as the company’s stated policy is to not discuss future products.

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