Android Auto: Waze is now available!

Android Auto: Waze is now available!


Android Auto is not very common today but vehicle manufacturers like Renault for example are starting slowly but surely to get going. More and more onboard computers are compatible with Google’s solution, which is gradually expanding into new features. For example, applications such as Spotify or Deezer can be found in an interface optimized for driving.

Today, the Mountain View company announces an excellent news: Waze is now available on Android Auto. Until now, only the home navigation solution, Google Maps, was available. But Waze is today one of the most used GPS in the world. A bargain for Google that bought the app in 2013.

“People are using Waze even if they have a car satnav system,” said Jens Baron, Waze product lead. “What is special on Waze is we are the only navigation app to outsource the app.

“The map is drawn by Waze editors and is updated 24 hours a day worldwide. Everyone who is using it contributes with new information, it’s a social network of drivers.”

Waze: Google Maps with a community

The popular crowdsourcing map owes its success to a very interesting departure proposal. The solution is based on the map of Google Maps which is probably the most accurate today. The big point differentiating Waze is his community. With this application, drivers can share real-time road conditions: accidents, danger zones, traffic jams, etc.

It is the users who complete this information as they roll. Waze then offers different paths that allow drivers to bypass obstacles and save time. In any case not to lose. It is this community that has made Waze a true reference in the world of GPS. The arrival on Android Auto with a clearer interface is therefore excellent news.

How does Waze work on Android?

For those who are equipped with a dashboard compatible with Android Auto, the operation is very simple. Simply install the Waze application and the Android Auto application on his smartphone.

Then, when you connect your smartphone to the dashboard, you will be asked to choose between Google Maps and Waze to guide you. Previously, only Google Maps was offered. If you have the opportunity to try, please let us know what you think.