American travelers are the worst-behaved in the world

American travelers are the worst-behaved in the world


A report found by a Market Watcher revealed an unpleasant reality on 27 May 2016: Americans — at one side claiming to be world’s most well-moralized nation — have been unveiled for some of their shameful secrets by a 2015-survey of Travelzoo Inc. (NASDAQ: TZOO), comprising approximately 9,500 adults; with a more number of American nationals.

Nearly 4/7 categories were ticked by American nationals, admitting that they had done the following mentioned immoral acts while travelling.

Majority figures show that Americans urinate in pools and oceans more often than other individuals. Moreover, they take away hotel toiletries with them once they leave from their vacation. Worst findings revealed how Americans call in for an excuse — of being sick — to extend their vacation period to skip out the bill.

“Some of these habits are certainly not acceptable.” – Senior editor for Travelzoo, Gabe Saglie

He also referred vacation period as a time-span individuals give to themselves to swap away from their boring life styles – hence proved that travelers of all nationalities sometimes act not in accord with moral ethics.

“Simply the fact that we are outside of our day-to-day routine and confines of everyday life allows us to play with the limits of what we find acceptable to do. Americans don’t really leverage their vacation time as effectively as they could. So when we do take time off … we really put a lot of weight into that time off.” – he added.

It’s worth mentioning that U.S companies do not offer any paid vacations in comparison to U.K, Germany or Canada which give out 28, 20 and 10 days, respectively. Also, they don’t even take all that they do get.

UPDATE: A survey analysis upon 2,300 workers depicted that Americans take just over half (51%) of their paid vacation time off, which only averages 10 paid work days and six federal holidays a year, anyway.

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