AMD Navi 10 coming in mid-2019 to compete with GeForce RTX 2080

AMD Navi 10 coming in mid-2019 to compete with GeForce RTX 2080


AMD would be poised to launch a new 7-nanometer graphics card based on the RX 3000 series for next year. The Navi 10 GPU is expected to be released by mid-2019, in order to compete with NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2080 model.

The information was released by Overclock3D website, using sources from Chiphell. According to the details reported, the main feature of the hardware will be the low power consumption. This is due to the combination of the AMD Navi architecture with the 7 nm process nodes of the TSMC.

Some rumors also consider that the manufacturer’s next breakthrough in the graphics card market will be the starting point for Radeon’s GCN microarchitecture. In this way, the company would drive low-power performance in order to rival NVIDIA.

It is worth remembering that the Navi RX 3080, 3070 and 3060 models had already been leaked this week. The first, and most powerful of all, comes with TSMC’s 7-nanometer FinFET technology paired with 8 GB of GDDR6 RAM and TDP of 150W. It would arrive as a competitor to the NVIDIA RTX 2070, delivering up to 10% more performance than the GTX 1080 and RX Vega 64. The second would be competing for the GTX 1070 / RX Vega 56, with 120W TDP and 8GB of GDDR6 RAM, launched with twelve cores to hit front with the GTX 2060. The third should debut as a competitor for the GTX 1060 / GTX 2050, with twelve cores, 4 GB of GDDR6 RAM and TDP of 75W. The products are expected to be announced during CES 2019.

The new Ryzen 3000 7-nanometer series even includes the monstrous 3850X, which has 16 cores, 32 CPU threads with a clock rate of up to 5.1 GHz. Now, wait for more details of the rumored AMD Navi 10 graphics card, slated for release between the second and third quarter of next year.

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