Amazon on Top for Growing sales of Smart Speakers in Q3

Amazon on Top for Growing sales of Smart Speakers in Q3


According to research firm Canalys, for sales of smart speaker in the market during Q3 this year, Amazon get back the title of top seller beating Google.

Against the shipment of 5.9 million Google Home speakers by the Google, Amazon in third quarter of July to September, traded 6.3 million of its Echo devices.

After remaining at second place following Google, for sales of voice-enabled speakers, Amazon succeeded to acquire top ranking.

A festival discount, Amazon Prime Day, was hosted by the giant played major role to raise sales as Echo devices on discounted prices boosted the sales successfully.

With year-on-year growth rate of 137 percent, 19.7 million smart speakers shipped in the last quarter worldwide against 8.3 million smart speakers sold the same quarter a year ago.

On country level, Smart speaker sales boosted by 30 percent in US market due to the struggle of Google and Amazon for market supremacy. In the other key markets including Australia, UK and Canada, Amazon-Google rivalry also remained influential. The rivalry placed the US on top with 8.3 million shipments of smart speaker. With the smart speaker sales of 5.8 million and 1 million, China and UK has been following United States. In second quarter South Korea with sales of 1 million smart speakers was ranking at third place which has been over taken by UK in third quarter.

Alibaba, Xiaomi and Baidu being local players, drove the Chinese market’s smart speaker sales, placing Alibaba on top with the sales of 2.2 million shipment of its speaker Tmall Genie.

Google and Amazon are also expecting escalation in voice-enabled speaker sales in approaching holiday season. For the whole year of 2018, analysts are forecasting 75 million shipments of smart speakers.

To promote higher acceptance of the smart speakers, sellers has continuously been putting their efforts to encourage the customer towards Internet of Things and home automation themes in which smart speakers is positioned as central hub.

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