Amazon now delivers food to doorsteps in Manhattan

Amazon now delivers food to doorsteps in Manhattan


TUESDAY: Astonishing but true, latest news have brought in a twist within routine services of online retailer, Amazon Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) when it announced offer jam-packed restaurant delivery business in Manhattan.

Recent information obtained also revealed an approximate 350 local eateries to have been binding business ties with AMZN.

UPDATE: The facility could be accessible throughout Manhattan, from the Financial District all the way up through Harlem. Using the Prime Now website or mobile app, deliveries are guaranteed within an hour. Moreover, through AMZN’s Prime Now portals, customers in select cities can also place delivery orders for items such as groceries, electronics and health and beauty products.

The recently launched service is *charging participating venues. The list comprises of Momofuku Milk Bar, John’s of Bleecker Street and Junior’s Restaurant & Cheesecake.

(*a cut between 25%-30% of the tab | steeper than the commission charged by food-delivery giant GrubHub/Seamless, typically between 12%-24%)

In contrary to Seamless, AMZN yields a provision of delivery services incorporated within a deal.

The move could be a direct competing strategy with that of UberEats food-delivery – which revamped and expanded its service in late March.

Not to mention, elsewhere startups like Postmates have gained notoriety for delivering food from any restaurants, albeit at sometimes exorbitant rates for customers.

EXCLUSIVE: Available to paying members of Amazon’s $99-a-year ***Prime subscriptions, the new ordering service is launching with a slew of trendy **venues.

(**Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, Liquiteria and Umami Burger, Le Pain Quotidien and Brother Jimmy’s BBQ – source: New York Post) (***having free shipping and access to its streaming video and audio services)

“The price customers pay with Amazon Restaurants on Prime Now is the same price they will pay at the restaurant or their money back. We will refund any customer who pays more with Prime Now than they would have at the restaurant.” – Spokesman, Tom Cook

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