Airbus versus Boeing in 2016


    MONDAY: Airplane makers are not receiving many order for largest jets – at the moment Boeing are struggling to sell its 747 and 748 jumbo and rival Airbus its A380. Exclusive reports have revealed Airbus Group (SE), to have booked approximately fourteen new jetliner orders in March 2016, including A380 super Jumbos. However, further insight has revealed Jet maker’s *cancellation of nearly 15 Planes the last month, yielding output of just 10 planes.

    Further reports revealed by European plane manufacturer, Airbus, that a delivery of 57 Airplanes in March and 125 in first Q. Meanwhile, American plane manufacturer, Boeing delivered 176 commercial planes in the first three months of 2016.

    (*A cancellation was of 13 single-aisles airplanes amid last month’s announcement by Air France-KLM SA who had dropped plans for purchasing last two A380s it had ordered. Moreover, Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd., also cancelled taking the six A380s it had ordered earlier)

    On the other hand, Boeing outperformed Airbus for orders at the start of this year and booked approx. 122 net orders through April 5, but including cancellation of fourteen 737 single-aisle jets and four 787 Dreamliners. It reported to deliver approx. 740 to 745 commercial planes this year while Airbus forecasts around 650 airliner deliveries.

    INSIGHT: In January. Iran showed an interest to acquire approx. 118 Airbus planes, including 12 of the double-decker A380, worth $432.6 million. However, Iranian deal hasn’t reached its final verdict, yet (source: WSJ).

    UPDATE: France and Germany have joined the United Kingdom decision in suspending export credit facilities for Airbus jet deliveries. The initiative has been taken after U.K laid forward its decision last week to suspend financing and to alert the Serious Fraud Office – after Airbus said it had found anomalies over the declaration of overseas agents – (U.K authorities were notified by Airbus itself /source: Market Watch).

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