After all, the smartwatch market has grown and is in good health

After all, the smartwatch market has grown and is in good health


Many question the true usefulness of a smartwatch and many predict that very soon these will stop being in the market, just because they are not necessary.

The truth is that the market has responded very positively and, contrary to expectations, sales of smartwatches have grown and offers are more and more numerous and with greater strengths.

Brands are still looking to find the right formula to give the market the devices that users want, but recent bets have shown that it is close to being found.

Apple and many other brands have a dominant position and sell more and more, contradicting the idea that the end would be near. Proof of this is in the latest IDC figures, which clearly show that this is a growing market.

According to these data, the market in recent months grew by 10.3% year-on-year and, curiously, the market for the most basic devices, (which do not run third-party applications) decreased by 0.9%.

The big focus of growth is even on smartwatches, with a 60.9% increase, with Apple and its Apple Watch leading this growth. This device achieved an impressive growth of 49.7%.

Competitors are also growing and offers will soon increase, with several proposals coming to market. The presentation of the new Samsung Gear are proof that the brands are attentive and that they offer new equipment. Samsung has just presented three new bets in wearable world: Gear Sport Gear FIT2 Pro Gear Icon X. These three new products, a smartwatch, a smartband and earbuds, are aimed at users who value the most in sport and health monitoring in a smarter way.

Samsung Electronics today introduced three new devices to its leading wearable product portfolio: Gear Sport, a smart and versatile smartwatch that is water resistant; Gear Fit2 Pro, a sports band with GPS and smart features; and Gear IconX, a second generation of the brand’s innovative and wireless earbuds.

These new Gear devices were designed, according to Samsung, to help consumers make the most of their day and help them maintain a healthy and balanced life, now being improved, with new smart capabilities, easier to use features and even closer to the world’s major sports brands.

Google itself has been working with other brands associated with designers and fashion houses and so proposals with Android Wear should grow again.