Activision Blizzard seems boosted by World of Warcraft craze: Barron’s

Activision Blizzard seems boosted by World of Warcraft craze: Barron’s


Activision Blizzard Inc might see its stock price surging in coming days as re-launch version of its classic video games is getting more-than-expected initial reception that highlights the would-be expanding possibilities for the company and the its forecast is also likely to improve as the new titles from key franchises increases, according to Barron’s.

The firm in late last month came releasing the first edition of World of Warcraft Classic, a revised version of its online role-playing game that gained popularity in last decade, and soon after its release of that repackaged video game it quickly and significantly attracted the attention in the world of video games, reported Barron’s.

The game is reported to be awaited by gamers for hours to log into it, as cited Barron’s quoting reports about response to the newly launched game and also quoted Activision’s subsidiary Blizzard Entertainment which said that World of Warcraft Classic made a new record of having most numbers of people simultaneously viewing the game on launch-day on Twitch, a platform where other people can watch the live-streaming of gamers playing the video game.

The U.S. financial newspaper said that with monthly subscription charges of $15, the firm’s business strategy for World of Warcraft is much lucrative and Activision Blizzard’s earnings would be rising significantly if the game becomes successful to add up couple of million new subscribers for a few quarters.

Activision Blizzard is currently having a market capitalization according to data from Refinitiv’s Eikon of about $38.8 billion, but it went through bumps for past few months because of the mounting competition in the market.

The Santa Monica, California-based video-games maker, after weaker full-year performance for 2018 and cutting 800 jobs, saw its share prices losing half of its value between October and mid-February, but at that time its chief financial officer marked the year 2019 as transition year for the company with plans of few new releases, and that strategy seems to be working well with positive future trends.

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