5G and European Law Makers

5G and European Law Makers


Today on 14 November, a voting for approval to finalize the European Electronic Communication Code (EECC) has been expected in European Parliament. To telecom regulations of EU, the Code digs deeper and is also a means for new 5G and Fiber networks. To the OTT and telecom services subscribers, this code will also increase the level of available consumer protection.

Initially in May of 2015, Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy was presented by EU officials and later on in 2016, with proposals for telecom sector, EU officials initiated connectivity agenda.

Various matters, which include, prevention of geo-blocking, AI and competitiveness, expansion on EU policies for cloud and support for cross-border e-commerce were addressed to in DSM Strategy.

In order to achieve the broadband connectivity targets for 2025 set by the Commission, completion of lawmaking process for DSM till May 2019 will apparently be assistive. For homes in rural and urban areas provision of 100Mbps, for all major cities, rail tracks and highways availability of 5G coverage and for public sector institution and digital businesses a gigabit speed were the set targets.

Network operators will find more certainty from the key amendments in telecom regulatory reforms. Regulatory relief for co-investment in fiber networks, longer market review periods for standard forecasted regulatory decisions (five years rather than three) and include new opportunities for national regulators to require access to civil infrastructure and important network elements were included in key amendments. Furthermore ability to regulate two major network operator and right to set the single rate for EU will be vested with the Commission.

To allocate frequency ranges to 5G networks, Spectrum bands have successfully been finalized. Spectrums from 700 MHz band will be allotted to network operators by mid 2020 whereas frequencies of 26 GHz and 3.5 GHz ought to be made available before 2030.

Commission has allowed each EU country to make their own terms for spectrum allocation.

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