1Q: Xerox shares plungedas profits and revenue opteda bear track

1Q: Xerox shares plungedas profits and revenue opteda bear track


MONDAY: Press released first Q financial report has revealed copier and printer giant, Xerox to have dropped its shares yielding 84% and 4% bearish estimate of profit and revenue, respectively – in times when global currencies have been surrendering their strengths to strongest emerging U.S. Dollar.

The estimates yielded by Connecticut-based firm, contrast with that of laid predictions by Wall Street –although bearish but have reaffirmed some of its financial guidance.

Exclusive estimates read on USAToday cite Xerox shares to be bearish by 4.66% at $10.65 during PREMARKET TRADE.

On considering revenue, the quarterly reportgive in $4.28 billion – bearish worth 4% from $4.46 billion for the same time duration a year earlier.However – as what company claimed itself – the results had surpassed the $4.23 billion in 1Q earnings i.e. in accord with S&P Global Market Intelligence analysts’ forecast.

The three-month profit yielded an estimate of approx. $34 million, i.e. 3 cents/share – an abrupt plunge from $225 million and 19 cents/share (last year).

Revenue from major European *currencies and the Canadian dollar comprise roughly 24% of Xerox’s total consolidated revenue,

(*currencies were nearly 4% vulnerableagainstU.S. Dollar in comparison to last year’s first Q)

The quarterly earning scale is estimated as 3 cents/share alongside adjusted EPS worth 22 cents – bearish than S&P forecast worth 23 cents.

In addition to all this, the **GAAP ESP depicts 6-8 cents while adjusted earning/share is seen 24-26 cents for 2016-2Q.

(**for now Xerox expects full-year GAAP EPS of 45-55 cents – bearish from a laid forecast worth 66-76 cents)

The companyconfirmed its full-year financial guidance for adjusted EPS of $1.10-$1.20.


Xerox projects full year cash flow of $950 million to $1.2 billion – bearish than the $1.3 billion to $1.5 in the company’s earlier guidance.

UPDATE: The ***re-organization strategy announced in January: dividing Xerox into two independent, publicly traded companies i.e.| (1) one selling office machines and (2) providing back-office services | awaits accomplishment by the end of this year.

(***The strategy is expected to result in one-time separation costs of roughly $200 million – $250 million this year, including $8 million in 1Q costs)

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